Itinéraire ski de randonnée - Argentière/ Refuge de Lognan

a Argentière

This ski touring track is marked (nor maintained or secured ) and it will make you discover this activity ! The descent is done on the ski slope.

The departure is at the Argentiere village and it goes up along the Pierre à Ric slope for the first part before splitting in the forest to join the Logan Chalet.
The track is quite technical, not suitable for beginners.
The descent is done on the Pierre à Ric slope.

The track is marked (not secured ) for the winter season.

The activity is done under your own responsibility. Remember to go equipped with an avalanche search device, snow probe, shovel, telephone and to prepare your outing getting information about the weather condition, the avalanche risk, etc.

A good ski level is necessary for the descent !

Altitude at the start :1252m
Altitude at the arrival : 2079m

It is possible to get started with this activity with a mountain professional !

Altitudine di partenza
Altitudine massima
Elevazione positiva
Durata a tratta
Accesso libero.
Date di apertura
Dal 17/12 al 16/04 dalle 9 alle 17.

Con riserva di condizioni di neve et meteorologiche favorevoli.
Itinéraire ski de randonnée - Argentière/ Refuge de Lognan
65 chemin de la Glacière
74400 Argentière