Musique classique Vivaldi Piazzolla

a Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

"Saisons : d'un rivage à l'autre" - Marianne Piketty - "Le concert idéal". "Le Concert idéal" is a musical ensemble composed of young and brilliant musicians directed by famous violinist Marianne Piketty, former student of Yehudi Menuhin.

Here she will perform The Seasons by Vivaldi and those by Piazzolla. And there will end the classicism of the interpretation. In paintings set in space and in movement by choreographer Jean-Marc Hoolbecq (who has notably collaborated with the Comédie-Française), the works intertwine and respond to each other. The performers leave their desks to give to see and hear these works that one has the feeling of discovering for the first time. When Vivaldi and Piazzolla, geniuses of baroque music and Argentine tango meet, two spaces, two times enter into dialogue. In a subtle mirror game, the seasons multiply, mingle, collide, rub together to reveal themselves to each other. Pastoral sounds, elegiac echoes, urban colors, sensual reflections and bursts will transport you the time of the show.

Information and reservation: cultural service T 04 50 53 75 17

età minima
8 anni
Adulto: 18 €, Bambino: 8 €, Studente: 15 €.
Date di apertura
Venerdì 5 novembre 2021 alle 20:30.
Musique classique Vivaldi Piazzolla
Centre des Congrès le Majestic
241 all du Majestic
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc